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  • 10A Hillside: Pre-Sales Prep So the homeowner of this GHI home in Greenbelt, MD had already moved months earlier but left many odds and ends. Our mission was to create a light, bright and sharp palette for buyers to see how wonderful this 3 bedroom home could be. With a limited budget, we picked and choose the most important and affordable improvements that would make the biggest impact.
  • 12 Greendale: Kitchen Greenbelt is famous for its historic 1937 homes. Equally important to the community are the many single-family ranches built in the historic area in the '50s and '60s. This ranch on Greendale had seen some interesting and ugly renovation in its 1/2 century of life but this new young owners looking were looking to create a wonderful home and breath new life into their new home and community. They ask me to help give some real CPR to what was supposed to be a kitchen. The results are stunning.
  • 16th Ave This 1958 mid-century ranch was a mess when our clients purchased the property in 2005. We worked with the owners a few times over the 9 years they owned this property. First, we came in a cleaned out the funky, dirty, and old feeling this house had. Addressing the yard, pool, patio, flooring, wall colors, and outdated kitchen. The last time we worked on this house was so the owners could move and rent this house. There was a bidding war!
  • 2 Northway Built-in 1937 this wonderful home was and is part historic Greenbelt, MD. Part of the New Deal these homes were built to be part first planned community. We updated this international style home by both modernizing the home as the planners intended and acknowledging the historic nature of the building. Notice the color blocking of the exterior paint scheme as it is the same as the original 1930's architect and planned. The only one painted this way in the community
  • 2B Northway So it looks like I am slowly going to be making over my entire court. This is the 5th house out of 10 that I have transformed. This wonderful house was owned by a neighbor that after 30 years in the home and at 94 years old finally moved into a retirement community. It was sad to see her move but I was glad to know that she would have new friends and people around to keep her company. That left the house to be managed by her grandson, who turned to Be Smart Homes to help turn a house stuck in the 80's to one today's buyers would want. He was thrilled with the results, and I think you will too.
  • 2J Northway Pre-Sales Prep 2J Northway is a neighbor of ours. After the loss of its owner, the family contracted Be Smart Homes to refresh and prep the house to go on the market. Our task was to refresh this 80-year-old home, to highlight the architectural beauty while downplaying the 80 years of life.
  • 33A Ridge: Bathroom A remodel of this 5x7 standard 1937 Greenbelt Homes bathroom. The homeowner what something classic and really wanted some type of border. We selected this beautiful classic white and grey marble mosaic with 1/2" grey marble semi-rounded pencil trim.
  • 41 Lakeside: Master Bath After 20 years in their custom-built home, it was time to update. The one-room everyone waits on is their own Master Bathroom. This is because we all think no one important is going to see it. Well, you see it every day. My client, after raising their family in this home realized it was time to give themselves a wonderful treat and update their bath into a retreat. With Calcutta gold porcelain tiles, mushroom brown vanity and shower pan, and punched with a blush ceiling. Which creates a wonderful warm glow to everything.
  • 4H Laural: Pre-Sales Prep 4H Laural first contracted Be Smart Homes to design a new bathroom for their GHI framed home. We were glad too. As soon as we finished the design and ready to contract with our contractor, life moved on. In this case to Florida. So now instead of updating, we were going to get the home ready for the market. The homeowners opted for our "Honey Do" report which put a lot of the choice and work on their shoulders. With guidance and a bit of help from us, they sold their house in a week after going on the market.
  • 9J Research This was a new home for its home owner but it needed a little love. The seller really should have called us, but they didn't. Good for the new owner as she was able to pick out new paint colors, bathroom textures and fixtures, and get a new first floor.
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  • Closet and Home Organization Need help just getting your stuff under control. We can come to your home and help you get your 'stuff' organized, put away, and in a system that can be managed. We work with you to determine what system and organization method works best for you.
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  • Full Sevice Pre-Sale Preperation Your complete home staging, repair and remolding service. We will do an evaluation on your home and create a list of must dos and optional fixes to make your home desirable and a money make machine.
  • Home Evaluation The Home Evaluation is economical solution to your home staging and sells preparation needs. We come to your home and walk through it as any potential buyer would, with no door, drawer or backyard missed. Then with a frank conversation we let you know what you need to do to make your home desirable. We do this by walking you through your own home reviewing what we would do if this was our property to sell, room by room. We then leave you a little home prep basket to get started.
  • Honey Do Report The Honey Do Written Report is an in depth evaluation of your home and what should be done to make your home saleable. We come to your home and walk through as a buyer would. We then go through the house again taking pictures and measurements of all your rooms, furniture, and decor. On our second visit to your home we then walk you through this your own Honey Do Report.
  • Interior Design and Remodel We can work with you from conception to competition. So if you have a kitchen, bathroom, or evening just your master that needs to be updated, redecorated, redesigned or just re-imaged we can help. Your house should be worthy of you and your family. You can hire us as much or as little as you need.
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  • Pre-Sales Preperation Your complete home staging, repair, and remolding service. We will do an evaluation on your home and create a list of must-dos and optional fixes to make your home desirable and a money make machine.
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  • Woodland Way: Kitchen Reno The mid-century home built by a local legend and historical figure was beginning to show its age especially in the kitchen. The goal was to create a bright and inviting kitchen that was modern but would still fit with the mid-century house and natural surrounding that define the historical town of Greenbelt

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