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Organization, Interior Design, Pre-Sale Prep

This is a must for anyone selling their home. I sold my home fast and for more money. Be Smart helped with everything. Mike F. Greenbelt, MD


David Frauenheim, Owner Be Smart Homes, LLC
David Frauenheim, Owner

We are not your typical home stager and organizer.    We know that money is tight especially during life transitions, like selling and buying a new home.    We specialize in occupied / lived in homes.   We pride ourselves on having our clients love there home again.   May it be getting top dollar for their homes because we empower them the knowledge that most buyers don't have or refreshing a home that just needs a bit of attention to be great again.  You don't need a complete remodel to make your home desirable we have a design idea for every budget.

Be Smart Homes specializes in presentation, de-cluttering, organization and landscaping recommendations.  At every available opportunity, we use the client's existing furnishings to transform an occupied home.  You shouldn't have to go broke to make money selling your home or enjoying it for another 10 years.    Ultimately our goal is to create a with the most 'wow factor' and the least amount of investment.

Featured Projects

21 Woodland Way: Kitchen 21 Woodland Way: Kitchen When tasked with updating a kitchen in a mid-century back split home, we saw the 48-foot great room it was attached to and knew this would be a special project. We saw the mission had to extend beyond the kitchen, to the entire 1970 drab paneled covered room. It all needed a makeover. Updating this kitchen meant seamlessly integrating the kitchen into a new and reimaged greater room. The once dim and uninviting space now radiates warmth and elegance. It’s perfect for gatherings, whether it’s a cozy family dinner or a celebration with 50 guests. The mid-century-inspired design invites laughter, good food, and cherished memories. Explore our gallery to witness the magic of this great room transformation.
4H Southway: Kitchen 4H Southway: Kitchen Sometimes the best way to start a new life together is to make the home you share reflect both of you. A couple that was just moving in together and planning on getting married felt that way. My job was to take a home that was hers and make it theirs. They have been happily married for more than a year and their home is a blend of both of their taste and looks great!
Greendale: New Kitchen Make Over Greendale: New Kitchen 12 Greendale: Kitchen Greenbelt is famous for its historic 1937 homes. Equally important to the community are the many single-family ranches built in the historic area in the '50s and '60s. This ranch on Greendale had seen some interesting and ugly renovation in its 1/2 century of life but this new young owners looking were looking to create a wonderful home and breath new life into their new home and community. They ask me to help give some real CPR to what was supposed to be a kitchen. The results are stunning.

Project Photos

Kitchens Kitchens One of our favorite projects is kitchen remodels, especially small or "weird" spaces. The challenge of making a functional and beautiful that our clients love is very rewarding. We also find many times small spaces come with smaller budgets only adding to the complexity of finding just the right solution to bring smiles to our client's spaces.
Bathrooms Bathrooms Everyone has one in their house but not everyone likes what they have. Bathrooms like everything do wear out. Refreshing your bath is important. It's where you start every morning and end every day. Why not do it somewhere that doesn't have tiles following off the wall, mold that can't be cleaned, and toilets that don't stop running. A new bath is a great thing.
Pre-Sales Prep Pre-Sales Prep Looking to sell your house fast and for more. We would be happy to make that happen. We are not simple stagers or realtors but professionals that will "flip" your house for you to sell. Take a look at our work.
Multiple Room Projects Multiple Room Projects Sometimes you just need a "House/Home" makeover. This may be because you just purchased your home OR you have been in it for many years now and it just time to spruce. We can help

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