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This is a must for anyone selling their home. I sold my home fast and for more money. Be Smart helped with everything. Mike F. Greenbelt, MD

10A Hillside: Pre-Sales Prep

The key to this property wasn't what the current owner/seller did to the property it was prior owners.   The Wonderful clean and smooth walls of this international style GHI home were just a mess.    The first issue was faux beams, lowering the already standard eight-foot ceiling height.   Note if you have standard min-height ceilings don't add to them with beams, texture, etc....   With all that said this ceiling not only had beams mounted to its cement ceiling, it also was covered with textured paint.    The combination made the room feel small and claustrophobic.     The second issue was in the standard 36" wide stairwell, the prior owner dropped the ceiling lower and covered the walls will textured plaster.  Creating large stalagmites all the way up the stairs.   It was a big mess.

Our solution as you can see was to sand all that texture down and skim coat the walls and ceiling to make a smooth surface as intended.   Then we painted everything a soft white on brilliant white trim.    This opened up the space, made everything clean and crisped.    Using a simiple white palette to naturalized all the different architectural surfaces that were not aesthetically pleasing really allowed the buyers to see the room/space.

The best part of this is for both the new owner that will get a nice home to start their next chapter but for the seller as well.  This house was appraised at 180-189K before we worked on it.   After we were done it listed for $220,000.   The homeowner only invested around $6,000.



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