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Organization, Interior Design, Pre-Sale Prep

This is a must for anyone selling their home. I sold my home fast and for more money. Be Smart helped with everything. Mike F. Greenbelt, MD

Pre-Sales Preperation

Home Evaluation Home Evaluation The Home Evaluation is economical solution to your home staging and sells preparation needs. We come to your home and walk through it as any potential buyer would, with no door, drawer or backyard missed. Then with a frank conversation we let you know what you need to do to make your home desirable. We do this by walking you through your own home reviewing what we would do if this was our property to sell, room by room. We then leave you a little home prep basket to get started.
Honey Do Report Honey Do Report The Honey Do Written Report is an in depth evaluation of your home and what should be done to make your home saleable. We come to your home and walk through as a buyer would. We then go through the house again taking pictures and measurements of all your rooms, furniture, and decor. On our second visit to your home we then walk you through this your own Honey Do Report.
Full Sevice Pre-Sale Preperation Full Service Home Prep Your complete home staging, repair and remolding service. We will do an evaluation on your home and create a list of must dos and optional fixes to make your home desirable and a money make machine.
See Examples of our Work See Examples of our Work View examples of our work. We encourage you to learn as much as you can about Be Smart Homes so you can be smart and make the best decision for you home...Be Smart Homes

Be Smart Get Help

Be Smart Homes specializes in presentation, de-cluttering, organization and landscaping recommendations.  At every available opportunity, we use the client's existing furnishings to transform an occupied home.  You shouldn't have to go broke to make money selling your home or enjoying another 10 years.    Ultimately our goal is to create a with the most 'wow factor' and the least amount of investment.

Decorating is optional.   Staging is Mandatory!

Do you know the difference between Staging and Decorating?

Staging is preparing a home for appealing to widest net of potential buyers.
Decorating is personalizing your home to your taste so that you will enjoy living there.

 Why Home Staging Works:

  •     Staged Homes Sell for Top Dollar
  •     Staged Homes Sell Faster
  •     Staged Homes look better than their Competition
  •     Home Staging costs far less than your first price reduction
  •     Buyers perceive Staged Homes as well cared for
  •     Photos of Staged Homes look better in Internet and Print Advertising
  •     Realtors prefer to show a staged home as it is ready to Sell and buyer friendly
  •     Staging Sells a Lifestyle, not four walls and a roof
  •     Staged Homes appraise higher in most cases


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