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Multiple Room Projects

Sometimes you just need a "House/Home" makeover. This may be because you just purchased your home OR you have been in it for many years now and it just time to spruce. We can help

2 Northway 2K Northway Built-in 1937 this wonderful home was and is part historic Greenbelt, MD. Part of the New Deal these homes were built to be part first planned community. We updated this international style home by both modernizing the home as the planners intended and acknowledging the historic nature of the building. Notice the color blocking of the exterior paint scheme as it is the same as the original 1930's architect and planned. The only one painted this way in the community
16th Ave 16th Ave: Full House Design This 1958 mid-century ranch was a mess when our clients purchased the property in 2005. We worked with the owners a few times over the 9 years they owned this property. First, we came in a cleaned out the funky, dirty, and old feeling this house had. Addressing the yard, pool, patio, flooring, wall colors, and outdated kitchen. The last time we worked on this house was so the owners could move and rent this house. There was a bidding war!
3P Research: Kitchen, Bath and Powder Room 3P Research: Kitchen, Bath and Powder Room A client with great taste and a small house. She was in need of an upgrade to the basic kitchen and wanted to add in a new guest bathroom and update her own main bathroom. We infused big style to a small house with an appropriate budget for the house.
19L Hidge Road: Fabulous Fiftys 19L Hillside: Fabulous Fifties This client is a fan of fine mid-century furniture and has a fabulous collection of yellow wood-stained pieces. Well, this was my launching spot to create this atomic blast kitchen and new laundry room/guest bathroom. Along with doing the first floor this homeowner also wanted his main bathroom redo. Not wanting to have it match the downstairs for this room we started with an antique light fixture he already had. Another great launch pad.

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